nurture your noggin


organic food, organic movement and now.....

ørganic thought

because the thoughts in your head

affect the beats of your heart ©

Just as hearts can’t work with blocked arteries, so too our brains can’t work when healthy thoughts get blocked. © And many of our thoughts are too critical of ourselves and stop us from our dreams.

Perhaps its time to make peace with your thoughts, yourself and your environment.©

private practice concierge holistic health nurse bringing back the "human" part of the discipline that is supposed to care for humans.

based on the teachings and research of thought-leaders Herb Benson, Dean Ornish, Bernie Siegal, Carolyn Myss, Candace Pert, Larry and Barbara Dossey, Jon Kabot-Zinn, Bernard Lown, Shawn Achor, Martin Seligman, Mehmet Oz, and Joel Osteen.

24/7 health education and coaching to design your personalized healthcare plan

integrative holistic mindfulness nurse counseling evenings and weekends

your personal inflammation score

the only thing standing between you and health and happiness is literally, your thoughts

90% of illness is related to stress and lifestyle choices

what you can do when your mind and body stop talking to each other

let's practice healthy thought , organic by nature

what is your personal inflammation score? what you ingest, how you move and how you think.

let us help you develop healthy thought as a tool for healthy living with less stress, better nutrition and increased physical movement. The three components to reduce your personal inflammation score. We call it the ORGANIC WELLNESS FOR LIFE SCORE

Instead of being anxious about losing 20 pounds, why not lose 20 negative thoughts! ©

You will naturally lose weight, feel more confident and peaceful with family and friends.

Be more relaxed, less judgmental, more present and mindful.

Even have fun!

With less negative thoughts in your noggin there will be more room for bliss! ©

Just as healthy blood nourishes the heart, so too does healthy thought "nourish" the brain.

your whole life is made of thoughts, what life are you creating today with your thoughts?

Let's stop your automatic "I'm not good enough to" negative internal dialogue. Let's make peace with your internal voice...the noggin at peace. What a wonderful daily challenge!

placidum noggin.©

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